My Minecraft Mods

I'm a bit of a retro Minecraft modder. Feel free to take a look around at some of the stuff I've created over the last couple years.

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To install any of these, just add the class files to your Minecraft.jar. If you're confused as to what that means, then go Bing it or something.

I heavily recommend using MultiMC as your Minecraft launcher when using old mods

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Beta 1.9 Mods

The Skylands for Beta 1.9pre5

Download Link:

Description: This mod was inspired by the fact that Beta 1.9 has an in-complete End dimension its code, and that I've always liked the Skylands. I decided to use the End code to make a proper transportation method to get too and from the Skylands, with this mod using a modified version of the End portal to get too and from the dimension.

So how do I get there

Great question. Just follow the recipe here for the portal frame (It's a boat recipe with three obsidian on the bottom, and the two sides being iron ingots), or find one naturally generated in a stronghold. You'll still need the Eyes of Ender, so have fun killing some Endermen and Blazes for the materials you're gonna need, lol.

From there, the portal itself will need to follow the End Portal Frame rules. There will be three portal frame blocks on each side, with Eyes of Ender inserted into each one. The Skylands Portal will not activate unless every portal frame block is placed from the inside facing the middle of the portal.

Great! I'm in the Skylands. How do I leave?

If you want to actually get back into the Overworld without dying, you'll need to build another Skylands portal in the Skylands to easily warp back to the Overworld, which will teleport you back to your spawn point.

Granted, there is another way to get back to the overworld without doing this, which is slipping into the Nether portal from the Skylands, and when you come back out of the portal that gets spawned in you'll end up back in the Overworld. I just can't guarantee you'll come back anywhere close to your house though if you use this method ;)

Beta 1.9 Unofficial

Download Link:

Description: A wholesale upgrade and general finishing up of Beta 1.9 before it had finally morphed into what became labeled Release 1.0.0. The features of are that it disables the debug camera, it enables the End Dragon fight (without End Crystals), and it changes the in-game labels from Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 5 to just say Beta 1.9.

This isn't intended to be anything mindblowing or to add anything to the experience that Mojang was providing. It's simply just finishing off the Beta 1.9 update Mojang was going to release and turning it into a full playable version.

Note: This is NOT compatible with the Skylands addon above, obviously, as the purpose of this is to enable the End, and the one above patches the Skylands, which are two variants of the same exact place

Beta 1.8.1 Mods

Beta 1.7.3 Generation for Beta 1.8.1

Download Link:

Description: This mod is a simple port of the Beta 1.7.3 biome code to Beta 1.8.1. All Beta 1.8.1 code, including structure code, has been ripped out by this mod. Expect 100% accurate Beta 1.7.3 biome generation. Things like rendering code and mob spawning mechanics have not been touched by this mod.

If you discover any inconsistencies in this mod between Vanilla Beta 1.7.3 world generation and this mods generation, please do let me know asap. I want this thing to be a perfect clone of Beta 1.7.3 generation, and I'd like to iron out any inconsistencies if they do exist.

NoXP Mod

Download Link:

NoVersionText Variant:
Removes the version text from the upper left hand corner of the screen

Description: GuiIngame is edited to disable the rendering of the XP bar, as well as to move the health bar and hunger bar to the level they would've been pre-adventure update without the XP bar pushing them up

EntityXPOrb is edited by changing the onUpdate() function to immediately delete the XP orb. So you won't ever see XP orbs in-game.

Beta 1.7.3 Mods

You Are The Fox

Download Link:

MP Compatible Download:
Note: You cannot go through 1 block openings while using the MP Compatible version of the mod

v1.0 Source Code:
Newer version of source code for both SP and MP versions of mod coming soon

Photo Gallery

Description: Makes the fox model from Mo' Creatures your player model. And with that the viewmodel and player were changed to be only a block tall, letting you slip through smaller openings and the like. Also, blocks, items, and tools are held in the mouth of the fox, as it'd be silly for a fox to hold a tool in its paw.

If it wasn't clear, this mod is heavily inspired by the YATC mod by Rotten194

Naturally, the model code and texture belong to DrZhark. However, I would like to note I had to patch up the model code as the ears were horrifically broken and not actually anchored to the head in the original model.

Beds are a bit wonky I've tried to iron out the biggest issues, but if you run into nothing I'll be surprised. It should be stable enough to play on a normal world though, just be wary of beds.

It is not recommended to use any sort of skin fix with this mod, as normal player skins will not display correctly on the fox model. The fox skin can be edited via the fox.png file in the mob directory in your mod zip or a texturepack zip

This mod is not compatible with OptiFine (It can be used if installed above YATF, however the mod won't work correctly if you do). A version of this mod will be released sometime in the relative near future that is compatible with OptiFine

Water Biome Colors

Download Link:

Description: Adds in an feature to the game that went unimplemented in the code for years, that being what ended up being added in the Update Aquatic in 1.13.
Different biomes have different water colors, determined via the watercolor.png file in the Minecraft/misc folder.

It is not compatible with OptiFine

Beta 1.8 Skeleton Bows Backport

Download Link:

Alpha 1.2.6 version of mod also exists, navigate to bottom of page for download

Description: A simple port of the fashion in which skeletons hold their bows from Beta 1.8.1 to Beta 1.7.3. This mod has no effect on player held bows.

Modern Tooltips for Beta 1.7.3

Download Link:

Description: Ports the modern appearance of item tooltips from b1.9pre2 and up, and that's it.

Release 1.8 Skins for Beta 1.7.3 (from NFC) - v0.1

Download Link:

Description: A port of the release 1.8 skin system to Beta 1.7.3, using code from the New Frontier Craft project.

Info: This is a very early version of this mod, and therefore is not compatible with things like multiplayer or the normal skin patch mods that download the skins from the internet. This will be fixed in future releases

To use this mod, you need to either load in a custom char.png through creating a texturepack, or change the skin file you can find in the mod before installing.

Biome Display Mod
Requires ModLoader

Download Link:

Description: Displays the biome your standing in on the upper left hand corner of the screen

Info: There are three versions of the mod contained inside the zip. The examples folder inside the zip will show you the three different designs for the mod.

This mod is compatible with additional biomes that are not normally in Beta 1.7.3, such as the Jungle biome from Biomes O' Plenty pictured in the attached picture.

Body Parts Drawings

Download Link:

Description: Just a simple port of the body drawings in the Inventory screen that exists in both the older and the newer versions of the game.

Alpha World Gen for Beta 1.7.3

Download Link:

Description: There's tons of mods out there for Beta 1.7.3 that do this exact thing, and the vast majority of them do it better than this does. However, I decided I wanted to throw something together because... fun mostly.

Anyways, don't expect a fully integrated or developed thing like you got with the Beta 1.7.3 terrain port to Beta 1.8.1, because as far as I can tell I'm the only person who's ever made something like that for that version. For this, I honestly just recommend you use NoBiomesX, AlphaMod, or literally any of the other iterations of this type of mod that you'd find on the internet.

The only advantage this really has is that it's incredibly simplistic, and only edits one base class that's rarely ever touched by anything else.

Note: If you'd like to have just the Alpha terrain, and not the textures, just remove the terrain.png and misc folder that are inside of the zip

Body Parts Drawings

Download Link:

Description: Just a simple port of the body drawings in the Inventory screen that exists in both the older and the newer versions of the game.

Tinted Glass
Requires ModLoader

Download Link:

Description: Just a simple inspired recreation of Tinted Glass from modern; a nice and translucent block that you can see through, but light cannot pass through. Great for mob farms and things of that sort.

Beta 1.3_01 Mods

Flippable Record

Download Link:

How to use: Cram a record into a crafting window and it'll be "flipped", so that you can play the other side ("13" flips to "Cat" and vice versa)

Panoramic Main Menu for Beta 1.3_01

Download Link:

Description: Ports the Panoramic Main Menu from release 1.2.5 to Beta 1.3_01. The code was taken from this slightly later version than Beta 1.8.1 because in the later versions of the main menu the shading was toned down slightly and the textures in the panorama were fixed (with the one for Beta 1.8.1 having a random pink line in the texture).

Large Size GUI for Beta 1.3_01

Download Link:

Description: Downscales the Beta 1.3 GUI to be the same as the Large GUI size from Beta 1.4.

Triple Chest GUI Fix

Download Link:

Description: Patches the GUI of triple chests within Minecraft to look correct, with the in-game GUI lining up to where all the inventory slots are

Note: If not used in conjunction with the Large Sized GUI mod, the triple chest inventory will be cropped a little bit by the top and bottom of the screen. The entire inventory of both the chest and player inventory will still be accessible, but it'll look a little wonky.

Secondary Note: Not compatible with quadruple or quintuple chest GUIs. Quadruple stretch off the screen in normal gameplay and quintuple stretch off the screen even with my Large Size GUI mod, meaning I'd need to make a mod adding the small sized GUI to Beta 1.3_01. Still, all the code is here and it's pretty easy to just stitch more interface elements on, so if anyone else wants to expand out the GUI to support those larger chest interfaces, go right ahead.

Screenshot taken with Large Sized GUI mod, as to show off the intended appearance of the mod.

PC Gamer Demo Main Menu

Download Link:

Alpha 1.2.6 Mods

Alpha 1.1.3

Download Link:

Description: This is a mod for version Alpha 1.2.6 that is meant to act as somewhat of an expansion on the gameplay aesthetic of Alpha 1.1.2_01. At the moment, It's really just a couple interface changes and a ported version of the worldgen system

(Which warning, is not perfect Alpha 1.1.2_01 gen, biomes will affect the generation of the map, however the noisemap is the same as the older versions so the generation structures and craziness of early Alpha will be the same).

Beta Tool Durability for Alpha

Download Link:

Description: Ports something close to the Beta item durabilities to Alpha 1.2.6, modifying the equations used to calculate them to closely match the values hardcoded into Beta.

Note: The values are a few digits off from that of Beta due to the fact that the method used back in Alpha to assign durability is based on an equation rather than hardcoded into the game.

Also, this doesn't effect the durabilities of hoes

Beta 1.8 Skeleton Bows Backport

Download Link:

Description: A simple port of the fashion in which skeletons hold their bows from Beta 1.8.1 to Alpha 1.2.6. This mod has no effect on player held bows.

And here you can find my addons I've created for the New Frontier Craft project, an overhaul mod for Beta 1.7.3