Howdy everyone! Decided to experiment with a blog style interface for my website. Trying to make the whole thing a bit easier for me to get content organized up on, and overall just more aesthetically pleasing.

The old website is still avaliable mostly, however over the next week or so I'll probably update the rest of the pages to follow the general formatting the blog provides, as I like the aesthetic it gives. You can access all the old pages from the top bar of the page. I'll definitely be doing more reworks as time goes on, and I'll definitely let ya'll know through these blog posts when I do make major changes to the site moving forward.

When I get around to it, I'll clean up the old site and make it so it's still accessible and people are able to navigate around my site using it.

Overall, hopefully with this I can actually use this site a bit actively and have people want to visit here more often. Hopefully ya'll enjoy the changes I'm bringing here!