(And Retrospective on not buying the HP Reverb G2)

So, I bought the Oculus Rift S a few months ago. Mixed thoughts still in regards to having gotten the Rift S instead of the G2. I mean, the Rift is obviously a dead end that Facebook is going to abandon. Still, it's the last remant of pre-Facebook Oculus design wise in my opinion, so that at least gives it some credit in my mind. The G2 definitely would've been the better choice had I been willing to wait until early this year instead of getting the headset last November. Still, I don't feel too bad about my choice. The Rift definitely wasn't like some horrible unusable choice.

My biggest issue is the rings on the controllers are kinda wimpy, and the plastic on the right controller already has some cracks in it I had to wrap up with some electrical tape to prevent from getting worse

To be fair, me and my roommate have both smashed the controller against the walls and random wooden surfaces playing stuff like Gorn and Jet Island

Still, would've wished they would've used a more beefy design, even if it would've made the controllers a bit more heavy
As far as controllers go though, I have zero complaints