Decided to take another crack at trying out a cheap mechanical keyboard. Was looking for a while to see if I could get a used higher quality one, but I instead opted for a $25 I found on Amazon as it had great reviews and videos online of people retrofitting it to be way better, and the whole thing is nice and accessible.

It looks like garbage, but is surprisingly good from what everyone is saying. I opted for the brown key switches, as from what I've looked up, the brown switches are the most similar to my favorite kinds of membrane keyboards, so I decided to opt for that variety.

Time will tell when I actually get the keyboard as to whether or not this was a mistake and if I'll actually like this. I'll probably be tweaking with this for a while. I'll probably do something similar to what was done in this video.

Also, inspired by the video above, I decided to get these keycaps.

Hopefully it'll all come together nicely. I'll post a follow-up blog on this when I get all the parts together and get to mess around with it for a while.