Took longer to make a follow-up post to my previous blog post than I had intended, but here it is!

It looks way better in person! Feels really nice as well. The LEDs on the thing are really nice, they're the first set of backlit keys that I can actually stand, and prefer, to keep on. They don't feel like they're constantly trying to distract me.

I really do appreciate the couple extra keycaps they sent with the keyboard. Even if any of the keys go bad, I don't need to swap out the entire set or deal with one from a different set, I can keep the same feeling they have right now.

Also... these keycaps

Yeah, they're horrid. never buy these things, my god. They weirdly taper off and just smush into one another in ways that a keyboard never should. Ugh. After using them for like an hour I boxed them back up and returned them. I'll give it to them that they were easy to install, came in a nice box, and felt good. The shape of them is just... ugggh

In conclusion then, the E YOOSO keyboard, silly sounding name aside, is a great keyboard. The brown key switches are really nice, although I do find myself wondering if I would've preferred the reds. It's a keyboard I can keep around for a long while, assuming none of the circuitry goes haywire over the next few months to years. Probably won't end up using it that long though, as I like messing around with different keyboards, and the black modern look isn't really my vibe. If I do stick with it, it's gonna be getting a set of beige keycaps, as well as possibly replacing the LEDs with some warm amber ones and giving a coat of paint to the case. It's cheap enough that I won't feel guilty messing around with it at some point, as I can always just buy another. It is only $25, and frequently goes on sale for even less