I like collecting a bit of tech in my free time. This page features some of it

An XPS 8500 (My main PC)
Acquired: Some point before 2015

Info: Hand-me-down from my father, great beefy computer with some good hardware. Runs Windows 10 Version 1909 at the moment

Specs: Intel Core i7 3770, Dell 0NW73C Motherboard, A13 BIOS, AMD Radeon R7 360 GPU, and 16GiB of DDR3 RAM. Uses a Xerox 5:4 monitor and an Asus 16:9 monitor, keyboard is a cheap mechanical keyboard, and the mouse is a generic logitech optical mouse.
Microsoft Surface Go
Acquired: 11/17/19

Info: Got this around my birthday as a replacement for my underpowered Netbook. Works really well and does everything I need it to do orders of magnitude better than what I had before. The touchscreen is really nice to use, the keyboard is great, and overall it's just a pleasent experience to use. Definitely would recommend it over an iPad or Android Tablet.

Specs: Intel Pentium 4415Y, Surface Go Motherboard, Microsoft BIOS, Intel HD Graphics 615, 8 GiB of DDR3 RAM.
Panasonic LX-101 LaserDisc Player
Acquired: 1/3/20

Info: Managed to score this for $20. Was a bit dirty when I got it, but it's pretty much fully functional. The only real issue is I believe the laser inside the thing is a bit dirty and has some trouble reading discs, which I'll need to open it up and clean off the laser diode in order to fix.

Specs: NTSC; Plays Laserdisc, CD, and CD Video; Connected to computer monitor via cheap composite to HDMI converter

Game Boy Color
Acquired: 9/4/19

Info: Got incredibly lucky and found this thing at a thrift store for $3, fully functional. In order to make it more usable I bought a Tetris cartridge and battery cover for it for about $10, and with that this thing is amazing. The non-backlit screen though is a bit hard to get used to though, heh

Specs: It's a Game Boy Color
A Sears SR 1000 C Series Typewriter
Acquired: 7/11/19

Info: There were two avaliable at the thrift store I got this at, but this one had the top cover still. Has an internal computer, correction tape, and as of right now very cheap replacement cartridges avaliable online for this daisywheel typewriter. Works great.

A Ti-99/4a
Acquired: 3/11/17

Info: Got this machine off of eBay for $29.99. Works perfectly, not a complaint to give about it other than peripherals are expensive.

Specs: TMS9900 16-bit CPU, Composite Video Output, w/ Tape Drive
An Apple iMac from 2007
Acquired: 12/3/17

Info: iMac bought off my friend for a couple of trips to Taco Bell and $30. Screen has a yellow tinge to it, but otherwise works great. Runs Snow Leopard 10.6.8, which is great with some third party software crammed in it and iTunes ripped out. MacOS though is terrible.

A Mac Mini from 2006
Acquired: 6/3/19

Info: Mac Mini I bought off of eBay for $30. Runs Snow Leopard alright, but really needs a CPU upgrade to become 64-bit so I can do real stuff on this machine. Eventually might turn it into a linux box. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Two Raspberry Pi's (3 & 2)

Info: Currently the Pi 2 is thrown in a bin, and the Pi 3 is running Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I haven't used either of them in a very long time, as I haven't yet been able to think of anything to actually do with them.

A Dell Latitude 2120
Acquired: 10/22/17

Info: Was my main Netbook for roughly a year and a half that I got off of eBay for $16.99. Worked amazing with a POSReady 2009 XP installation of Windows. Was an amazing little machine. Powerful enough for basic video streaming, games from roughly the mid 2000s, and for browsing modern websites with a content blocker.
I loved this thing. It's a shame to me that the thing died.

A Dell Latitude D505
Acquired: 1/11/17

Info: Was $17.98 from ebay, and my first purchase from said site back in early 2017. Came with an installation of XP, which I then wiped and installed POSReady 2009 over. For anyone that wants a nice free installation of WinXP, look into POSReady 2009.
Powerful enough for some retro gaming and playback of standard quality 720p video. Amazing keyboard, great touchpad, and a way more practical 4:3 screen for using a computer. Sadly, due to me manhandling the thing a bit and dropping it a couple times it's not really usable anymore.

A Magnavox CRT TV & Nintendo Gamecube
TV Acquired: 10/18/18
Gamecube Acquired: 6/20/18

CRT Info: Got for me by my mother from a garage sale, sadly a capacitor blew after a couple weeks of usage and the machine is now a very heavy paperweight. I no longer own this TV because of that
GameCube Info: Bought at a thrift store while visiting family in Pennsylvania for roughly $20. Fan doesn't work and didn't work even when I replaced the whole fan and power supply, so I believe something is wrong with the Gamecube motherboard itself. Because of that, like the TV, it functions as pretty much just a paperweight.

An HP Stream 11
Acquired: 5/24/18

Info: I got for roughly $100 off the Best Buy website as a replacement to my Latitude 2120. Ran Ubuntu 18.04 between January - April 2019, reinstalled Windows after an upgrade to 19.04 borked up. Works great for surfing the web and some light gaming. Was my main laptop until November 17, 2019 when I replaced it with my Microsoft Surface Go. Sadly since then it has become non-functional and refuses to start.

Specs: Intel Celeron N3060, HP 82A9 Motherboard, F.10 BIOS (Insyde - 09/02/2016), Intel HD Graphics, 4 GiB of memory, & a 32GB storage drive and a 64GB SD Card.

This list will always be a WIP ;)