My Fursona Index

Marvin Feathers

Artwork by Voidteeth

Description: My main fursona. This is the current version of myself I mainly represent as online. I want to be them, and I am them. They are me, and I am them. Floofy feathers and soft fwingers. Kweh, kweh, bawk!!

Cringe is simply you imposing societies judgement onto yourself. Free yourself from it. Make the funny animal noises

Marvin Tibblestone

Artwork by Voidteeth

Description: My old main sona. Still love them, and they're definitely still how I see my core self. The bird sona is how I like to represent myself, but the fox is just plain me. The bird is who I'd like to be, the fox is just who I am.

Rex Paws

Sadly I can't figure where I originally stole this art from a decade ago. If I do I'll source it here

Description: Generic profile pic go brrrrrrr. This is my old fursona from when I first got into the fandom back when I was like, 12 or something. Love them, but my God it has gotta be one of the most generic sonas imaginable. I mean a green folf, really?